What’s up with Galaxy S5?

admin February 26, 2014 0
What’s up with Galaxy S5?

Yesterday, Samsung took the wraps off it’s newest flagship phone. They called it Galaxy S5. How creative. Well, it’s supposed to be jam packed with all kinds of goodies. I wonder if it can mow the lawn too! I am the skeptical type. I have been hearing some bad press about this phone. It will need to be handled and fondled for a while to get a good review of this thing. Samsung is hell bent on catching up with Apple. Truthfully, I think Samsung is trying too hard and it shows. Do you get that same feeling? Meanwhile Apple better get going too. That iwatch is gathering too much dust. I am hoping that this handset delights. Too many tricks and gimicks adds its own sense of confusion. Its almost like you have to have a dedicated OS just for the addons!!


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